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Lead Chem

Lead Chem is a leading supplier of detergent, construction, and industrial chemicals, partnering with top brands to deliver unparalleled quality and service. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide the finest chemicals available in the market.

Best chemicals From Lead Chem

Detergent Chemicals

The best detergent chemical with higher cleaning properties and quality.

Waterproofing Chemicals

Best waterproofing chemicals to protect from water damages.

Construction Chemicals

Finest construction chemicals from the leafing brands in the market.


we specialise in providing top-quality water treatment chemicals.

Colors & Fragrance

Get your best colours and fragrances from Leadchem at the best grade.

Industrial Chemicals

Complete industrial solution chemicals that are used for industrial purposes.

Best Waterproofing Solutions

Safeguard your construction sites with the most quality waterproofing chemicals from Lead Chem. No more worry about water damages, we are here to protect your houses. Buy with us and enjoy the quality in every product.

Awesome Features

Highest Quality

Construction chemicals at the highest quality.

Sales Support

Delivering fruitful sales support for you.

Customer Care

Most dedicated customer care services.

Technical Support

Best assistance in technical support.

Social Media support

Reliable social media support.

Best Price

Attractive prices for all types of chemicals.

Our Operations

We proudly serve a wide range of industries across Kerala, and we are excited to announce our expansion into Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Our goal is to bring exceptional products and superior service to these regions, supporting businesses and industries with our expertise.

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